January 29, 2021

Edited 02/19/21

The New Retirement Normal: Winners of the $100,000 Sweepstakes

Over the past year, Silvur members competed to win up to $100,000 by practicing financial wellness. Take a look at who took home the grand prize.

Last year, we introduced the New Retirement Normal campaign to help Silvur members achieve their retirement goals, all while living through the turbulent pandemic. Over the following months, Silvur members gained entries to win by completing their weekly retirement checklist. 

The curated checklist helped guide them through key retirement decisions, with topics ranging from financial wellness, Medicare and prescription drug costs, home refinancing, and more. By completing their checklist items every week, not only were members gaining entries to win, but they were also improving their financial literacy when it comes to retirement planning. 

Therefore, the New Retirement Normal sweepstakes made Silvur members’ retirement savings become more resilient, dynamic, and flexible, and also earned them the opportunity to win one of over 500 cash prizes to help fund their new and improved retirement goals.

We’ve sent out emails notifying winners of the New Retirement Normal sweepstakes. We will be verifying winners throughout the month of February, and, if necessary, reaching out to new winners should there be ineligible winners. Please keep an eye on your emails!

Winner Update

We are pleased to announce the first set of verified winners of the New Retirement Normal campaign!

$25,000 Prize Winner

The winner has not verified yet. This could be you, check your email from Silvur!

$5,000 Prize Winner

Congratulations to A. Miller (DC), winner of a $5,000 cash prize! There’s still one more winner out there.

$1,000 Prize Winner

Congratulations to K. Herford (SC) and D. Jungquist (MN), winners of a $1,000 cash prize! There are still 7 more winners out there.

$250 Gift Card Winners

Congratulations to C. Augustine (MD), S. Dwyer (MA), W. Seimo (NY),winners of a $250 gift card. There’s still 7 winners yet to claim their prize. One of them can be you!

$200 Gift Card Winners

Congratulations to R. Gauvin (MA), M. Grundvig (VA), D. Pisari (MA), A. Auldridge (FL), K. Madsen (TX), L. Johnsen (CA), K. Beaney (NY), S. Fennell (CT), G. Grastorf (NY), D. Anthony (NC), C. Reif (IL), N Lynch (OR),winners of a $200 gift card. There’s still 18 winners yet to claim their prize.

$150 Gift Card Winners

Congratulations to R. Janis (TX), D. McFetters (AZ), J. Johnson (GA), R. Pizzonia (CT), A. Gallo (NY), Tennessee Winner, J. Clifton-Gaw (IN), D. Brown (MN), G. Carr (IL), B. Kirwan (PA), F. MacDonald (MA), T. Kohlman (WI), R. Wegman (OH), O. Kirby (WA), G. Back (MI), J. Holland (MD), B. Van Kampen (IL) ,verified winners of a $150 gift card. There’s still 33 winners yet to claim their prize.

$100 Gift Card Card Winners

Congratulations to D. Chevalier (GA), L. Scott (OH), G. Long (CT), D. Christensen (AZ), S. Patel (CA), K. Van Acker (WI), K. Churchard (AZ), Tennessee Winner, S. Chan (NJ), G. Mcpherson (MA), V. Fadke (NE), M. Atkinson (ID), S. Hall (NC), D. Schweer (IA), J. Hall (AZ), K. Benson (TX), S. Boyes (FL), J. Sugimura (CA), L. Dustman (UT), C. Iskowitz (NJ), J. Klausen (AZ), C. Chapman (WA), M. Milburn (SC), L. Gittler (NY), M. Kedziora (NJ), J. Aiken (LA), K. Iskric (PA), C. Hennen (MN), T. Westley (NY), P. Garlitz (PA), C. Hisle (VA), T. Nord (KY), R. Penna (MS), M. Ramey (TX), S. Greene (NJ), L. Savage (AR), T. Duncan (MI), N. Van Geison (SC), J. Pang (NJ), T. Covey (SC), D. Alleman (NC), M. Moore (AR), A. Paquette (FL), D. DiFrancesco (WA), C. Cheney (VA), S. Herzlich (PA), S. Kluesner (IA), Tennessee Winner, M. Fasoldt (OH), A. Fida (VA), J. Chase (MN), T. Greene (NJ), B. Bell (SD), T. Jacobs (PA), K. Macey (OR), R. Branstine (CA), D. Motz (MI), C. Bernheim (MD), K. Peterson (PA), L. Levenson (CT), R. Taylor (MI), L. Long (WI), V. Cannon (NH), P. McKenna (MA), E. DiPerna (NJ), J. Salerno (MA), L. Bittner (AZ), T. Aliberti (MA), J. Barch (FL), D. Ervin (MD), D. Roby (VA), N. Turchon (FL), C. Wooten (VA), M. Maples (SC), R. Watson (WY), J. Klipper (FL), J. Wheeler (CA), P. Wheatley (ID), E. Ward (SC), T. Peterman (FL), D. Blue (MN), D. Greco (CA), R. Cook (CA), M. Thomas (NC), J. Shirley (NY), B. Luke (AZ), J. Ayers (CA), M. Gagnon (FL), S. Murray (WI), C. Lazaroff (SC), D. Cunnigham (AZ), S. Battig (CO), R. Dickson (PA), D. Pavsner (FL), T. Hallowell (IL), D. Callan (MI), N. Wedge (WI), M. Dykas (NY), H. Stokes (WI), G. Heindel, Jr. (PA), D. Roquemore (NE), M. Heinlein (TX) , verified winners of a $100 gift card. There’s still 298 winners yet to claim their prize.

You still have the opportunity to win the grand prize of $25,000 or one of the many other prizes still available. Be sure to check your email to see if you’ve won!

At Silvur, we’re here to help you make all the right decisions towards your retirement journey whether it’s projecting your Retirement Score or calculating different scenarios that can impact your retirement. Download Silvur to find your Retirement Score and validate your path towards retirement.

If you’ve won, please check your email for details on how to claim your prize or email us at support@silvur.com. 

The Silvur “New Retirement Normal” Sweepstake Official Rules are available here.