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Expand your share of the $70 trillion retirement wallet. Deliver personalized education that helps members and customers navigate retirement.
Retirement Simplified

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Retirement score changing as different personal metrics changes

Retirement Simplified is the leading Retirement Financial Wellness solution for credit unions and financial institutions. We provide patent-pending financial tools, including our exclusive Retirement Score, along with timely education that reflects the latest changes in Social Security, Medicare, Retirement Savings Accounts, and more.

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Featured Monthly Classes

Retire by Age 50-59

13 lessons

2-9 min read per lesson

Retire by Age 60-64

13 lessons

1-8 min read per lesson

Retire by Age 65-70

13 lessons

2-9 min read per lesson


From Zero-to-Branded Site in a Few Weeks
No IT department. No lengthy onboarding. In a few weeks, you will go live with your own fully branded Retirement Simplified site and be providing a stronger retirement for your members and customers in record time.
From Zero-to-Branded Site in a Few Weeks


Good for Your Members and Customers Plus Your Bottom Line
Connect your members and customers to retirement-ready products and services. Whatever your current strategic goals - wealth management, loans, mortgages, insurance, Medicare benefits, and more - you will have a dedicated way to bring your message directly to your members and customers.
Grow and Diversify Revenue


Stronger Relationships Through Data
Don't let todays $70 trillion retirement opportunity turn into a $30 trillion wealth transfer risk. Retirement planning is critical to the health of our communities. Silvur’s custom data platforms help credit unions and financial institutions provide personalized engagement when their members and customers need it most: during critical retirement planning. We empower credit unions and financial institutions with the insight and data they need to understand the needs of each member and customer, and strengthen their communities as a whole.
Strong Relationships Through Data


Technology-Powered Retirement
Our patent-pending SmartDraw technology takes tens of thousands of variables and translates them into an intuitive, personalized Score so your members and customers will know the answer to their number one question: How long will their money last in retirement? This powers our personalization and localization algorithms so your members and customers will see the right Tools and Education at the right time and place.
Technology-Powered Retirement

Case Studies

Learn how Retirement Simplified has helped members and customers across the country.

Case Study

MSUFCU: Helping Members 50+ in Times of Transition & Uncertainty

Explore how MSUFCU was able to provide value through personalized education and tools with Silvur.

Case Study

Social Security's Historic COLA Announcement (Oct. 2022)

Learn how Silvur helped credit union members navigate the highest COLA increase in decades.

Case Study

Always-On Guidance That Validates Your Members' Retirement Plans

Validate your members' Retirement Plans.

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VentureTech 2021 Winner

Awarded by NACUSO