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Lesson 12
Retirement Checklist
3 min read

The specific steps you'll need to take to retire depend on your unique situation and how old you are right now. The following checklist can help you figure out which moves you should make next:

Steps at Age 55:

  • Take an inventory of your assets, then run your Retirement Score using your current financial picture to see if you’re on track to retire at your desired age. 
  • Create a last will and testament
  • Create a formal living will
  • Name or update beneficiaries on all your accounts
  • Look for ways to reduce your living expenses
  • Find ways to increase income
  • Use Silvur's Cost of Living calculator to see if other areas are more or less expensive than your current zip code, and consider moving to lower expenses. Secure a loan before retiring. 
  • Assess your current life insurance policies and consider updating them or purchasing new coverage
  • Look into long-term care insurance

Once You're Age 60:

  • Run your Retirement Score with your current financial profile to see if you’re still on track to retire.
  • Start building a retirement budget and drawdown strategy
  • Take full inventory of any future benefits you'll receive, such as pension funds
  • Use the Silvur app to decide if you should take Social Security benefits early, or if you should wait
  • Review your insurance coverage if you have it, to help you budget for long-term care expenses and final expenses that may be needed in the future.
  • Continue cutting expenses
  • Look for ways to pay off any remaining debts you have, such as a mortgage or car loan

At Age 64: 

  • Check your Retirement Score to know if you’re able to meet your retirement plan date
  • Sign up for Medicare within three months of the month you turn age 65 and within three months after the month you turn 65
  • Use Silvur's Healthcare Calculator to get Medicare Part A and B and supplement plan costs estimates based on your zip code
  • Update insurance policies and beneficiaries on all your accounts
  • Use the Silvur app to project your Retirement Score, which projects the age you'll be when you run out of retirement money (if at all)